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This website is a history of Euro Centres which as a network is now closed.

Euro Info Centres - your key to the European Market Place

Established in 1987 the network has over 250 centres across the whole of Europe. Its privileged relationship with the Commission via The Enterprise & Industry see euro info centres

EU Marketplace


If you experience problems arising out of current EU actions or legislation, the European Commission would like to know via your local Euro Info Centre. Or to inform them directly of problems at or see our centre in Kent or Glasgow, Tax Accountants,

Euro Info Centre

EU Enlargement - gateway to an enlarged Europe

UK Network of Euro Info Centres
'_T h e_ B u s i n e s s_ G a t e w a y_ t o_ E u r o p e_'

Euro Info Centres (EICs) provide local access to a range of specialist information and advisory services to help companies develop their business in Europe.

For further information, contact your nearest Euro Info Centre
(details are available under UK Centres or see private jet)

The network of Euro Info Centres was established by the Enterprise Directorate General.
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