Foreign Labour Forces

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Foreign Labour Forces

Germany and Switzerland park their unemployed labour outside their own borders; they then let workers in more or less as needed.

Nearly a quarter of the Swiss labour force is from southern Italy, Spain and other countries.

Almost 10 per cent of the German labour force comes from Yugoslavia, Turkey, and Italy.

By allowing in roughly the number for whom there are jobs and refusing entry to workers when there is a surplus, it is possible to keep German and especially Swiss unemployment at a very low level.

The people who do not get in are counted as unemployed in Yugoslavia, Italy, Turkey and Spain or maybe not counted anywhere.

In Britain and the United States the unemployed are within the country and have to be counted there.

Comparisons of those two countries with Germany and Switzerland are not valid.

The French labour force has a smaller proportion of workers, corresponding to our young blacks and Puerto Ricans, without work experience or skills.

But, like Switzerland and Germany, France, in a less organized way, relies on foreign workers - people from Portugal and North Africa.

These come or do not come as jobs are available.

So part of the French unemployment is in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Portugal.

We say less organized.

France is less adept than Switzerland or Germany in adjusting inflow to need, less successful in excluding or returning those it can't use.

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Labour Force Skills And Training

What we call the structure of the labour force is very important.

We have been talking about unemployment as though all workers were interchangeable, and, of course, they're not.

There are workers with different skills and different levels of experience, and a very large number with no skills and no work experience at all.

And there are locations where workers are wanted and others -.

the ghettos inhabited, by the minorities in the American cities - where there are no employers and no jobs available.

In some job categories and some locations experienced workers can be... see: Labour Force Skills And Training

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