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Mike Fawcett is a successful businessman who, like many of us, opinionated about the decisions our political and business leaders took, without really understanding those decisions, nor about the true impact they could have.

When the banking system collapsed in August 2015, and Northern Rock declared its crisis, he posed himself these questions: Why not let the banks go bankrupt? Why is the government, or rather the taxpayer, especially me, bailing them out? What would happen if I withdrew my capital from my bank and stuck it under my mattress until this whole mess blows over?

The thread he started to pull that day led him to some reading, to ask those who had studied economics and those who work in the field, to explain to him, in lay mans terms, how economics, and the global financial world, operates.

This was for his own edification. But Mike Fawcett, successful businessman, likes things written down, and finds that by writing things down himself he can organise his ideas, and see if he has found all the answers we needs.

He has not found all the answers yet, but has at least found the right questions to ask.

What he has learnt is published here, informally, without any claim to be an expert.

He hopes sincerely that you will find some of the answers that you, perhaps have been asking yourselves.

Interested in Understanding Of Economics?

What is Economics Anyway?

Welcome to What is Economics Anyway?

Economics pre-empts the headlines. It bears on everyone's life, anxieties and, if more rarely, satisfactions. Its subject matter - more precisely, the circumstances with which it deals - is in a state of rapid change, one that, all too obviously, has left the statesmen and their advisers who apply its solutions well behind. This must be so; were it otherwise, they couldn't promise an end to inflation, an end to unemployment and then often achieve an increase in both.

Winston Churchill said he could understand almost anything else but could not get his mind... see: What is Economics Anyway?

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