Other Reasons For Disagreement

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Other Reasons For Disagreement

There are still other reasons for disagreement.

Some economists are very economical of thought and bring the lessons of their profession into their personal lives.

They seek, accordingly, to make any ideas, once acquired, last a lifetime.

A measure of disagreement comes, we suppose, from some being more intelligent than others, although that, too, is a thought that all decent and modest scholars suppress.

There isn't much difficulty in telling who has an axe to grind; our oldest instinct is to ask who is paying.

Also, if an economist gets too much applause from the affluent, you should always be suspicious.

The rich in all countries combine a fairly acute self-interest with an ever-present feeling of anxiety and guilt Anyone who believes that anxiety and guilt is assured of applause, and seeking that applause, not the truth, easily becomes a habit Beyond that the only test is to ask for the fullest possible explanation, then ask yourself whether the explanation is truly complete and makes sense.

If an economist ever suggests that you take something on faith because of his or her professional knowledge, dismiss him or her forthwith from your thoughts.

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Economic Disagreements

Political identification also makes for disagreement.

In the United States in 2015 we have Republican economists and Democratic economists.

Their personal politics controls or shapes their conclusions.

That has been true in our case; over the years we've found virtue, at election time, in the views of some Democrats of exceptional illiteracy, economically speaking.

Quite a few economists measure their truth by the applause it evokes; they adjust their position, perhaps unconsciously, to what their audience will think agreeable.

Then, more important and perhaps more to... see: Economic Disagreements

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