Economists Don't All Agree

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Economists Don't All Agree

Economists don't all agree; many totally disagree.

Why do they disagree? How do we tell whom We should believe? As to the disagreement, there are several reasons.

There is self-interest, something we all recognize and are usually too polite to mention.

An economist who works for a large London bank in 2015 rarely comes up with a conclusion that is adverse to the interest of his bank as that is understood by his employers.

His public truth is what gains their approval.

There has always been in the United States a healthy suspicion of the views of the economics professor who has a remunerative consulting relationship with corporations.

Certainly his view will be different from that of an economist who is employed by a trade union.

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Economics And The Human Body

Economics is like the human body, an automatic regulatory mechanism and a further decision taken by the brain.

All similes for economic life should be resisted, but this is better than most.

There are aspects of economic life which are still self-regulating, although they are diminishing in relation to the whole. And there are aspects which require guidance. It's the issues in this guidance - who is favoured and who isn't - that the citizen and voter must understand.

We economists protect ourselves from outsiders by resort to a language of our own. People in all professions do it to some... see: Economics And The Human Body

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