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This website is a history of Euro Centres which as a network is now closed.

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Established in 1987 the network has over 250 centres across the whole of Europe. Its privileged relationship with the Commission via The Enterprise & Industry see euro info centres

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If you experience problems arising out of current EU actions or legislation, the European Commission would like to know via your local Euro Info Centre. Or to inform them directly of problems at or see our centre in Kent or Glasgow, Tax Accountants,

Euro Centres Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Below is a sample of business opportunities that were available under the Enterprice Europe network

Business Opportunities - Private & Public

If you would like to make a co-operative link with similarly motivated companies in the EU then our Business Co-operation database can help to put you in touch. On this site you can see examples of some of those opportunities and you can search the archive to check for others. Contact your local EIC to discover more company details or to add your own details to the data base.

As the result of EU Directives, all public bodies (national and local government bodies, higher education, NHS, utilities) in the EU have to announce their tenders above certain thresholds, in the Official Journal of the European Union. To have these opportunities tailored to your business and delivered daily by email, contact your local EIC who will explain and supply you with the full service.

October 2015

Car Sales and Finance

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Agriculture & Food Industry


Trade Intermediary
Italian company, specialising in roasted coffee and high quality chocolate and sweets as well as coffee blends, is looking for trade intermediaries.

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Trade Intermediary
Polish producer of disinfecting mats for agriculture and food industry is looking for reciprocal trade intermediary co-operation.

REF: V8/Pol2
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Trade Intermediary and business products Recruitment Agencies 
Italian company specialising in the preparation of herbs is looking for trading intermediaries.

REF: V8/It3
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Irish company which manufactures test equipment for the beverage industry is looking for suppliers and subcontractors.

REF: V8/Ir1
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Consumer Products: Sale shades from Aquarius

Polish company specialising in production of blinds, louvres, roller blinds, window blinds, shutters, sunshades, facade louvres, garage gates, is looking for cooperation in a form of mutual production and distribution, transfer of knowledge, transfer of technology, and subcontracting services.

REF: V8/Pol1
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Commercial Agreements
Portuguese company specialising in the production of urban furniture is searching for a commercial partner aiming towards the increase of exports.

REF: V8/Pt1
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Electrical & Electronic Construction


Trade Intermediary
Italian company, specialising in constructing filters and cooling systems, is looking for trade intermediaries.

REF: V8/It2
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Belgian company, specialising in manufacturing process and compressed air filtration, dust fume and oil-mist filtration and hydraulics filtration is requesting trade intermediary services, is willing to buy a part of or a complete company, is looking for reciprocal production and is offering and requesting subcontracting.

REF: V8/Be1
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Czech manufacturer of level measurement systems is looking for agent and distributor. The company specialises in level sensors for continuous measurement and limit level detection, ultrasonic level, hydrostatic level probes, power supply and switching units, intrinsically safe repeaters and supply units, programmable displays for panel and wall mounting.

REF: V8/Cz1
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Industrial Equipment


Turkish manufacturer of ball valves seeks distributors and offers itself as a subcontractor.

REF: V8/Tr1
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German company, producer of custom made breathing masks for ventilation is looking for distribution partners in Europe.

REF: V8/Ger2
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French biotech company specialising in the characterisation and purification of biomolecules is looking for business co-development partnership so as to create reciprocal production activity.

REF: V8/Fr1
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Danish company specialising in the development, production and marketing of surgical equipment is looking for distributors and agents.

REF: V8/Dk1
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A French company is offering licensing rights on a new, innovative system of a variably rigid pipe. The device consists of a tube that can switch from the flexible state into the rigid one. In its flexible state the pipe can be handled and directed easily whereas with the use of an electrical command it automatically turns rigid. Industrial applications identified so far: bathroom and domestic industry, handicapped and paramedical area. The concept could also be adapted to other usages.

REF: V8/Fr2
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Paper, Packaging & Printing


Trade Intermediary
Bosnian company, producer of printed tapes, PVC, PPA, PPR, PPH and masking tapes of all dimensions is looking for trade intermediary services.

REF: V8/Ba1
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Trade Intermediary
Greek company specialising in silk screening is looking for a trade representative of swimming caps and offers trade representation to company that deals with silicone colours.

REF: V8/Gr1
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Plastics & Chemicals


Trade Intermediary
Estonian company that produces chemicals for integrated fireproofing finishing is looking for trade intermediaries.

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