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About The UK Economy is all Greek to me

HISTORY is made every day, and every day's happenings are the result of history. To understand what is happening now - and we must at least try to understand if we are to be competent citizens - we must have some idea of what happened twenty, two hundred and more years ago. Cause and effect follow one another through the generations as surely, though not as simply, as the driving-wheel of a locomotive follows the thrust of the piston. Things that have happened before are likely to happen again, more or less exactly, as more or less the same conditions arise; hence the study of history not merely for its own sake but for the light thrown by the past on the' present and future. Hence, particularly in a world where. economic conditions leave so much to be desired, the study of economic history.

The economic history of Great Britain begins in the darkness of an age without transport, without written records, without a central government to follow a recognizable policy, without a money economy whose activities can be measured and estimated in figures. Beyond this shadow of the Anglo-Saxon period, which lasted from the fifth century almost to the Norman Conquest, we can distinguish a more brightly lit area, that of the Roman occupation; but even 'there the illumination is slight enough, and the break between it and the beginnings of the history of Great Britain as we know it is so complete that it hardly merits much attention.

Considering that Great Britain was part of the Roman Empire for four centuries - as long as from Tudor times to the present day - the Roman occupation left remarkably little trace. Evidence remains of a high civilization; of houses heated by hot air, magnificent watering-places, roads which still carry heavy traffic in our own day. Corn and wool, lead, tin and gold, were exported to the Continent; towns grew up - York, Colchester, Chichester, Winchester, Leicester, Gloucester, and above all London, already, even at that time, the greatest of the trading ports. But we do not know how far this foreign civilization had penetrated before it was swept away; how far, apart from the few rich Romanized Britons, Roman ways of living and thinking had become those of the common people of Britain. With the Anglo-Saxon invasions the darkness closes down again, and legend rather than history comes into its own. Not until the Norman Conquest does the historian find something to which he can firmly cling; written records emerge again, fuller and apparently more precise.

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Welcome to The UK Economy is all Greek to me

Welcome to The UK Economy is all Greek to me

How did we get into the fine mess we are in today?

How are we going to get out of it?

Nothing like this has ever happened before!!!

Its has ALL happened before, and the same questions have ALL been asked before.

And the answers have been just as complicated as they seem to be today.

I am Brian Adamson, editor of The UK Economics Today periodical, and my co-authors, Jenny Sisewell, now working for the BP conglomerate, and Nick Judd, 'Big' at the Treasury, all met at University - UCL to be exact - in 1998. Nick went on to study... see: Welcome to The UK Economy is all Greek to me

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